Quick and easy process

The Toronto Region gives businesses looking to incorporate (or create a subsidiary) here an easy and streamlined process. You can either incorporate under the Canadian process or the Ontario process. Each option is simple and straight-forward.


Incorporating your business in Canada has with it certain requirements:

  • 25 percent of a Canadian corporation’s board of directors are Canadian residents.
  • Canadian incorporation involves different disclosure and filing requirements.
  • Canadian corporations can headquarter in any Canadian province.


By choosing to incorporate your business in the Province of Ontario, certain local considerations will be part of the process:

  • To operate in Ontario, corporations are registered federally in Canada or provincially in Ontario.
  • Professional corporations are only available at the provincial level.
  • 25 percent of an Ontario corporation's board of directors are Canadian residents.

Our advisors can help you determine which type of incorporation is right for your business, and ensure that your transition into your new location in the region is smooth and seamless. Contact us today to get started!