Geneviève Bonin


Geneviève is a Partner in the Toronto office of McKinsey & Company. She advises Public Sector organizations at all levels of government in solving complex problems to bring value to society. She specializes in economic development, strategy and innovation and has led numerous complex transformational programs from strategy through value realization. She has specifically advised our Canadian government on many topics related to foreign and domestic investments.

Geneviève joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1988 as a Naval Engineering Officer. She attended both the Collège Militaire Royal and the Royal Military College where she graduated with a Chemical & Materials Bachelor of Engineering. She retired from the Navy in 1994.

Geneviève is a thought leader on the topics of diversity, mental health, leadership and talent management. She is a global citizen who has advised clients in numerous countries, serving on global boards, studying and serving as a member of the Canadian Forces overseas.

Geneviève is actively involved in the professional and broader public community and serves the boards of the True Patriot Love Foundation, Toronto Global, and the Royal Ottawa Hospital Institute for Mental Health Research. She is the Chair of the Advisory Council for the Ted Rogers School of Management. She is a member of the Young President Organization, the Treble Victor Group, the Royal Canadian Military Institute, CMC Canada, and the Professional Association of Engineers of Ontario. In recognition for her philanthropy work, she has received the Telfer School of Management Philos award and the Veterans Affairs Ministerial medal for distinctive contribution to society.

Geneviève is an entrepreneur who built a successful chain of retail stores in the Ottawa area. She is married to her husband Christian and has four children named Samuel, William, Katrina and Maxime between the ages of 12 and 21.