Shelley Carroll


Shelley Carroll, ICD.D is Toronto's Budget Chief and City Councillor for Don Valley North. 

In her time as Councillor, Shelley has served on a number of committees and boards that make her uniquely positioned to understand Toronto’s economic recovery needs across sectors. Between 2006 and 2010, Shelley served as the City's Budget Chief and utilized her financial background to deliver four balanced budgets in the thick of the global financial crisis. She has also served as a Commissioner of the Toronto Transit Commission, where she consistently advocated for a robust transit system that supports the economic and social needs of a growing city, in addition to serving on the boards of the Toronto Police Service and Toronto Hydro. Shelley has also served on numerous arts boards, including the Toronto Film Board, Toronto Arts Council, The Atmospheric Fund, and more. 

Shelley’s focus in her role as Budget Chief and the Mayor's Economic Development & Culture Champion is to facilitate a vibrant and inclusive economic and cultural recovery for the city, in partnership with Toronto’s vast network of businesses, artists, and social agencies. She serves on the boards of Toronto Global and Destination Toronto and co-chairs the City’s Economic Advisory Panel.