Success Story - Centreon

Founded in France in 2005, Centreon has evolved into a leading European standard in commercial open source IT monitoring. With SMB, Fortune 1000 and public sector customers around the globe, the Centreon monitoring platform is a trusted solution, downloaded over 3,000 times per month and used by an estimated 200,000 IT users worldwide. The company chose Toronto as the new home base for its North American operations to help enterprise customers in the U.S. and Canada more easily access its flagship IT infrastructure monitoring (ITIM) solution.

Centreon Co-Founder Romain Le Merlus (right), CEO, North America, and Co-Founder Julien Mathis (left), CEO, Europe.

Centreon was introduced to Toronto Global through the Canadian Embassy in Paris. We worked with the company to connect their team to incorporation lawyers and tax, accounting and recruitment firms. Toronto Global advised on the mobility of talent in the region, provided introductions to the Toronto Region Board of Trade and fintech cluster groups, as well as worked with Centreon’s Chief Marketing Officer to discuss marketing strategy and best practices in the Toronto Region. Toronto Global helped Centreon’s CEO to solidify his business case for Toronto, by providing an attractive overview of the region’s technology ecosystem, highlighting the large numbers of SME’s in Ontario and the availability of technical talent at an affordable cost.

We provided data on costs of doing business in the Toronto Region, including salary comparisons between the region and major U.S. cities. Ultimately, Centreon chose to locate in the Toronto Region to take advantage of its market size, its proximity to other large North American cities and Canada’s friendly immigration policies.

“There is an energy around Canada right now with the government and its ability and willingness to create business here,” says Romain Le Merlus, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, North America. “There are so many research and development projects going on in IT – around machine learning, artificial intelligence and fintech. But as digital transformation accelerates, we are seeing organizations struggle to manage hybrid and converging on-premises and cloud infrastructures. From an IT monitoring perspective, this can lead to competitive disadvantage and a hindered ability to innovate. Our open source DNA enables organizations to take an agile approach, so they can consolidate and streamline IT monitoring, cut cost and complexity, and future proof IT operations. We couldn’t be more excited to be launching our North American operations at a time when these organizations need us most.”

With its expansion announced in September 2018, Centreon is optimally positioned to support the mature IT market in North America with proven monitoring solutions for converging and hybrid IT infrastructures.

“When I talk about Toronto, I talk a lot about business. However, since members of my company are relocating here from Europe, and I’ve moved here with my family, it was really important to find a city that is also a great place to live, and I’ve found that in Toronto.”