Success Story – TradeGecko

Founded in 2012 by three entrepreneurs from New Zealand, TradeGecko was born out of a massive global opportunity to improve the way entrepreneurs manage their inventory and orders online. The founders moved to Singapore to be incubated by technology accelerator, JFDI, and established their first office in Singapore shortly thereafter. TradeGecko has since raised over USD$12-million in funding and its inventory and order management software has a global customer base in over 90 countries, serviced from their offices in Singapore, the Philippines, and most recently, Toronto.

Introduced to Toronto Global through the Canadian High Commission in Singapore, TradeGecko was then connected to key contacts in legal and accounting firms located in Toronto. The process for setting up the Toronto TradeGecko office was simple and straightforward, completed within a short 5 week period. Opening a Toronto office allowed the company to better serve their North American customers to enable their eCommerce and wholesale clients to strive to become as fast and efficient as the world’s biggest online stores.

TradeGecko chose to be located in Toronto, the tech hub of the North, to take advantage of Toronto’s highly educated talent pool. As a SaaS startup business, Canada’s easy-to-navigate tax system provided a better environment for TradeGecko, when compared to locations in the United States. Originally, TradeGecko planned to hire 8 – 10 employees in Toronto. However, the company continues to find high-quality, skilled talent to fill senior-level executive, marketing and customer success positions, far surpassing their initial hiring targets.

Now settled into their Toronto home, TradeGecko is focused on building and expanding their team across all functions to better serve their North American customers and continuing to scale their business in the region.

“We work with amazing customers in over 90 countries, and all running their business operations on TradeGecko. Our top priority is to enable every commerce entrepreneur to build and grow the business of their dreams, and North America has quickly grown into our largest customer-based region. It became imperative for us to find a city to provide just-in-time service for our customers in their timezone. By drawing on Toronto’s deep pool of well-educated and experienced B2B SaaS talent, we are able to better serve our customers.”
– Cameron Priest, CEO and Co-Founder, TradeGecko

“Toronto has grown into an important tech hub, with all the big tech companies having a presence here now and a tremendous talent pool. As a scaling SaaS company, we are able to draw on the wealth of talent in the city, which is essential for us to continue providing the best support for our North American customers and to accelerate our growth in the region and around the world.”
– Bruce Warren, Vice President of Global Marketing, TradeGecko