Success Story - WorldRemit

WorldRemit makes sending money as simple as sending a text message. Customers work hard for their money, so they’re making transactions quicker and easier. WorldRemit works to get customers’ money to those who need it quickly, securely, and at low cost.

WorldRemit, founded in 2010 in the U.K., brought the offline industry of global remittances to an online future. Since then, its global business has grown to an unrivalled network of pay-out options, making it convenient for customers to pick up their funds. Additionally, over 90 per cent of its transactions are authorized within minutes and 70 per cent of mobile-to-mobile transfers take fewer than three minutes. Using the WorldRemit website or smartphone app, customers in 50 countries, including the U.S. and Canada, can easily make international transfers to friends and family in 150 countries.

As a highly attractive country for immigrants and the diaspora community, Canada is a key part of WorldRemit’s growth ambitions as individuals across the country continue to send increasing amounts of remittances to friends and family. WorldRemit believes that immigrants and diaspora groups in Canada make a central contribution to the Canadian economy and to their home countries, and wanted to better serve these customers across Canada by introducing them to an award-winning digital remittance service.

Toronto Global worked with WorldRemit in their recent Canada expansion, providing guidance on establishing operations in the Toronto Region, sharing insights on the region using Neptis’ online mapping tool and developing a business case to provide an overview on the region’s migrant and diaspora communities. The Toronto Region was a logical choice for WorldRemit’s expansion, based on its ease of conducting business, large talent pool for future expansion and the concentration of businesses within Canada. Home to over 200 ethnicities and welcoming nearly 100,000 new immigrants annually, the Toronto Region is a perfect fit for WorldRemit’s new office. As the company opens its Toronto office, they are excited to deepen their roots with the vibrant immigrant communities that call Canada home.

Canada is now WorldRemit’s fourth largest send market globally and that growth is set to accelerate with the launch of its Toronto office. The company plans to build its digital presence to reach more Canadian customers, and has partnered with various cultural events in the Toronto Region, including Taste of Manila, Pinoy Fiesta, and Afrofest.

Millions of customers around the globe send funds to family and friends back home with WorldRemit. Toronto is truly a mosaic of people and cultures, and we are pleased to open our new office to bring the benefits of our lower cost, convenient service to Canada’s diverse communities.