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A diverse population and economy, a clean and sustainable environment, and a quality of life that is unrivalled anywhere in the world are what make the Toronto Region so attractive. If you need any more incentive to consider the Toronto Region, consider this: our business environment offers a sense of stability and security that is second to none on a global scale.

The region accommodates nearly every form of business and industry sector in a modern economy, and provides access to hundreds of millions of people beyond its borders for greater economic potential. Our ability to “ride out” the recession in 2008 and complete CAD$4.2 billion of real estate deals in the first year of the meltdown is testament to our resilience, effective rules and regulations, and prudent, long-term approach to business development. Your business can rely on the stability of our banking system and regulatory regime and be assured that your resources will be well utilized in this business environment.

economic DIVERSITY

The variety of business opportunities in the region is as diverse as the region itself, and the Toronto Global team can help you tap into those possibilities. Even when selecting a location for your operations, the Toronto Region affords an array of choices that range from “Triple A” office space in the downtown financial district to large parcels of available land for development or redevelopment. From the nearly 9,000 acres of industrial parks in Brampton to the competitive commercial and industrial land costs and lease rates in Durham Region, to the burgeoning Burlington Prosperity Corridor, a well-connected and easily-accessible employment district in Halton, the Toronto Region offers a myriad of location options for your business, no matter how big or small.

“We export the vast majority of products that we make, so being close to the airport is very important….access to the 401(hwy) is critical...”
- Joe Caldarelli CEO of CPI International Inc., Georgetown



Low operating costs across the region, generous R&D tax credits, universal healthcare and competitive business tax rates make doing business here easy and profitable with an eye toward future expansion potential.

The Toronto Region’s global standing as one of the top five global capitals of finance, top five for quality of intellectual capital and innovation, and top five for ease of doing business, makes your job that much easier when selecting your next business location. Our job is to help you determine the ideal site within the region, and connect you to the government and private sector service providers you need to make your transition smooth and seamless.

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities for your business in the Toronto Region? Give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

“We have decided to open our North American operations in the Toronto Region because we are convinced this region is the best place to launch and develop a successful business in North America. After reviewing the different criteria (costs, access to qualified manpower, business environment, etc.) in a number of North American cities (Boston, Chicago, New York, and San Francisco), it has become obvious that the Toronto Region would be the perfect spot for Odyssey Messaging Solutions.”
- Gregory Ogorek, CEO, Odyssey Services Canada
Map of Greater Toronto Area municipalities and regions