Find yourself here

No matter where you come from, you can find yourself here. Our diversity is a key strength in the region, making it easier for new immigrants to find cultural linkages and connections within the community that make integration into our society easier and more comfortable.

For example, Brampton is a regional municipality of more than 600,000 people. Thirty-eight percent of that is of South Asian descent. Indian-Canadians feel at home with shops, cultural activities, restaurants and social service organizations that cater to their needs, speak their native tongue and relate to different cultural sensitivities. It’s no problem to find movies from Bollywood or Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada right here in the region.

Markham, a regional municipality bordering Toronto to the north, is made up of approximately 300,000 residents, where the second most frequent language spoken after English is Cantonese. Walking through the boulevards in Markham, you will also hear Mandarin, in addition to a number of other Chinese dialects, more often than either of Canada’s official languages. Entire malls and entertainment complexes are dedicated to this community with shops, services, movies and foods catering to the Asian population within Markham. The area offers residents cultural celebrations such as the South Asian Community Festival and Canada’s largest Asian festival.

In Toronto alone, a person taking a walking tour can go from Little Italy, Little India or Little Portugal to Chinatown or Greektown and beyond in less than a day. You can truly hear the different languages, see the sights, smell the foods and feel at home wherever it is you may come from. The Toronto Region is truly global in nature, not just for business, but for those who crave a piece of home in their newly adopted country.