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Regardless of which market you come from, we are here to help. By working in partnership with our municipalities and other organizations, Toronto Global provides international businesses with a single point of contact. Toronto Global has experience working with a variety of international markets. Check out our blog if you’d like to see more about the companies we’ve worked with.

Toronto Global is your partner in turning your expansion plans into reality, and providing options for your new location is the first step. Once that decision has been made, an efficient incorporation process is a welcome part of the move. The Toronto Region offers a simple procedure for companies and provides them with the easy selection process between one of two choices – whether to incorporate in Canada or Ontario. Luckily, each option is simple. 


The variety of business opportunities in the region is as diverse as the region itself, and the Toronto Global team can help you tap into those possibilities. Even when selecting a location for your operations, the Toronto Region offers an array of choices that range from office space in the downtown financial district or vibrant downtowns across the region to expansive available land for development. Municipalities across the Toronto Region are rapidly growing and evolving into lively epicentres for culture and innovation that suit many business needs.

From the tech creations in Brampton’s Innovation District…
to the skyline of office space across York Region.
From the expansive industrial and commercial land in Durham Region…
to the easily accessible employment district in Halton… 
to the bustling businesses in Downtown Mississauga. 
The Toronto Region offers a myriad of location options for your business, no matter how big or small.

Our job is to help you determine the ideal site within the region and connect you to the government and private sector service providers you need to make your transition smooth and seamless.

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities for your business in the Toronto Region? Give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Legal information about incorporating in Ontario or Canada can be found below:

  • Expanding a Business in the Toronto Region is a high-level document intended to provide an overview of options and processes for establishing your operations in the Toronto Region. Our team can work with you to understand these in greater detail.
“The 1855 Accelerator, Toronto Global and Invest Durham provided a very welcoming approach to our long-term plans and expansion to Canada. The ecosystem introductions are second to none, and this has been a sincere and committed experience.”
- Sharath Balakrishnan, Managing Director, Excelencia Consulting North America


By choosing to incorporate your business in the Province of Ontario, certain local considerations will be part of the process: 

  • To operate in Ontario, corporations are registered federally in Canada or provincially in Ontario.
  • Professional corporations are only available at the provincial level.


Incorporating your business in Canada has certain requirements: 

  • Twenty-five percent of a Canadian corporation’s board of directors must be Canadian residents.
  • Canadian incorporation involves different disclosure and filing requirements.
  • Canadian corporations can headquarter in any Canadian province.

Our advisors can help you determine which type of incorporation is right for your business and ensure that your transition into your new location in the region is smooth and seamless. Contact us today to get started!


Canada’s immigration provisions are designed with businesses in mind. Given the diversity of the Toronto Region’s economy, the Canadian government recognizes the need for a business-friendly, flexible labour force. There are several different immigration options for your business, and our team is here to help determine the best option for you.

For further information on immigration options, please visit:

Contact us with any questions you may have about moving your employees and your family to the Toronto Region. We are here to help. 

“The Toronto Region met all of our criteria when deciding where to set up our Digital Development Centre, create new jobs and scale our business offerings. Talent and high-tech know-how are in abundance here, there is a real aptitude for new workplace development strategies, and many of our clients are based here. Even better, this will enable us to be part of an ecosystem that reaches across the region, linking the private sector with innovative research and learning institutions in Canada.”
- Ravi Kumar, President, Infosys


The entire Toronto Global team is here to help your business every step of the way. Once your expansion plans have come to fruition, we will continue to support your business in accessing talent, data insights and media outreach.

Toronto Global’s Talent Connections Program can help you access the best and brightest during your business expansion. Our Business Insights team can give you a competitive edge by gathering the most important data for expanding your business. Finally, our Marketing and Communications team is ready to amplify your expansion to prominent media outlets and connect you with our growing social media following.