Toronto Region quick interesting facts

An investment in Canada and the Toronto Region provides you not only with opportunities to grow your business, but the tools you need to succeed here and access markets around the world. The region is home to:

  • Over 7 million people
  • A labour force of more than 4 million
  • Over 800,000 businesses
  • 38 percent of Canada’s business headquarters
  • 20 percent of Canada’s GDP
  • A CDN$364 billion economy
  • Over 100,000 new immigrants annually
  • A diverse population with over 51 percent foreign-born
  • Over 180 languages and major dialects spoken
  • Over 240 ethnic groups
  • 130 million people within a 500-mile radius
  • Sixth-largest metro region in North America
  • Third-largest tech sector in North America
  • Second-largest financial centre in North America
  • Second-largest food and beverage industry in North America
  • Two airports serving 200 global destinations in 55 countries
  • Trade agreements that provide access to nearly 1.7 billion consumers with a combined GDP of more than US$62 trillion or more than one-half of the world’s output of goods and services
  • Five world-renowned universities and six internationally-recognized colleges
“Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America and a vital financial and technological hub — not only for the province of Ontario but for all of Canada. We have hundreds of existing Canadian customers that can now have SoftLayer services deployed closer to home, and thousands of customers that will take advantage of the facility to get closer to end users in this market.”
- Lance Crosby, CEO of SoftLayer

Any one of these facts would be reason enough to start or relocate your business to the region. Combined, they tell the story of a global business powerhouse that is able to accommodate any and all businesses and cultures, and provide companies the ability to compete against any major world market with proven resources, skilled and highly educated labour and advanced technological aptitude. For your business, that means you get a head start on the competition and a solid footing from which to grow your foreign operations.