Starting Your Business

Making the decision on an ideal location for your company’s expansion is the first step in growing your business and operating on a global scale. The Toronto Global team is here to help you every step of the way. Once that decision has been made, a streamlined and efficient incorporation process is a welcome part of the move. The Toronto Region offers a simple procedure for companies and provides them with the easy selection process between one of two choices – whether to incorporate in Canada or in Ontario.

Legal information about incorporating in Ontario or in Canada can be found below:

  • Invest in Canada offers detailed information on immigration, employment law, intellectual property law, and tax law.
  • Establishing a Business in Ontario is a detailed guide to immigration, employment law, intellectual property law and tax law, specific to the Province of Ontario.
“The team at Toronto Global has been extremely helpful and supportive in helping us establish a presence in this fantastic region. It is an exciting but daunting task setting up a business in a new city; Toronto Global has helped remove the daunting part.”
– Nick Dalton, VP/General Manager – Canada, Foster Moore