Where to Find Us

The Toronto Region is perfectly situated to suit business needs for all parts of the world. The region is located in the southern area of the Province of Ontario. Situated close to the U.S. border, the Toronto Region is next to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard and sits in the Eastern Time Zone of North America. Flying to London? It will only take about six to seven hours. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is North America’s second largest international airport and a global hub serving over 47 million passengers annually and offering direct flights to India, China and the Middle East. Our international airport is not all we have to offer – Toronto’s downtown airport, located ten minutes from our financial center, offers direct flights to New York, Boston, Washington, Chicago and a number of other major business centers across Canada and North America, providing an ideal transportation network for your business.

Proximity to major cities means proximity to markets. As a result, businesses in the Toronto Region not only have an abundance of talent to choose from but we have access to millions of consumers.

“Toronto is a great region. It attracts lots of people and offers great healthcare facilities. From a location perspective, Toronto is an international city. It offers good links as far as transportation goes. And there's no question that the Toronto Region provides us with a source for quality employees. It offers highly educated people in a very diverse, multicultural environment.”
– Elie Betito, Director of Public and Government Affairs, Apotex Inc.
Map of Greater Toronto Area municipalities and regions