Quality of Life

Canada ranked first in the annual Best Countries report for 2021, an analytical study conducted by U.S. News & World Report. Canada ranked first in various sub-rankings, including quality of life and social purpose. Canada is seen as a stable and safe society in which individuals and businesses can develop and prosper that is open, fair and equitable.

As the Greater Toronto Area is home to 40 percent of Canada’s business headquarters, our region is not only a powerhouse for the national economy but a reflection of Canada’s world-renowned livability. The latest Economist Intelligence Unit index of Global Liveability ranks Toronto in the top ten – as the eighth most livable city in the world. One of the many reasons we are proud to call Toronto home.

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The Toronto Region has something for everyone. It is home to three major league sports franchises, award-winning museums, galleries, festivals and events, an incredible culinary scene – with Canada's first Michelin Guide – and access to the great outdoors with amazing hiking trails and waterfront views. 

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The region provides both neighbourhood and community options. The downtown area has substantial condominium space surrounded by green urban parks, beaches and wooded areas, which contribute to the popular saying that Toronto is a “city within a park.”

Within the region’s municipalities, you will also find a variety of areas, including quiet, family-oriented neighbourhoods, picturesque countryside, and bustling urban centres. In 2021, about 40 percent of Toronto Global’s client base chose municipalities outside the downtown core as new permanent residences for their businesses and homes.

No matter where you live, our regional transit system connects residents to jobs, theatres, sporting venues, and world-renowned restaurants, making the Toronto Region a vibrant place to call home.

The Toronto Region provides its international residents with an ideal community for single and family living. Residents are offered excellent medical care thanks to Ontario’s universal public health care system.

With access to public health care, a quality public education system and an inclusive, welcoming community, it is no surprise that 100,000 new immigrants to Canada each year choose to live in the Toronto Region. In addition, 120,000 international students choose to study at world-renowned universities and colleges in the Toronto region. One-quarter of the core working-age population in Canada comprises immigrants, further contributing to the culture, cuisine, and diversity that make this region unique.


If you’d like to see the vibrancy of our region yourself, the Toronto Global team can assist with arranging your travel, work with you on a customized itinerary for your visit, set up meetings within a network of business and government consultants, and answer any questions you have about moving and establishing your company and family here. 

“We enjoy the surroundings in Oakville: the hiking, biking and the escarpment nearby. The business advantage is that within 100 kilometres we have 18 of the best universities and colleges in Ontario. And it’s easy to find talent to work for us because of the excellent location.”
— Ted Lee, Managing Director, Javelin Reality


No matter where you come from, new immigrants can find cultural linkages and connections within the community that make a move here much more comfortable and welcoming.

Over 250 ethnicities and 190 languages are represented in the Toronto Region, and roughly half the population identifies as a visible minority (defined as Asian, Black, Latin American, or Arab). For example, Brampton is a regional municipality, with around 38 percent of the population of South Asian descent. 

Not only is our population diverse, but our businesses are as well. Mississauga is home to the largest number of Japanese companies in Canada. From India to Pakistan to Bangladesh, there’s a community of support for everyone. Residents feel at home with shops, restaurants, and social and business services organizations that cater to their needs, speak their native tongue and relate to nuanced cultural sensitivities. 

Markham is another regional municipality where the second most common language is Cantonese, with Mandarin and a mix of other Chinese dialects often spoken. Various industries are dedicated to this community, with shops, services, entertainment and foods catering to the East Asian population within Markham. The area offers residents cultural neighbourhood celebrations, such as the South Asian Community Festival and Canada’s largest Asian festival, Taste of Asia, drawing crowds from around the Toronto Region.

In Toronto alone, you can walk through Little Italy, Little India, Little Portugal, Chinatown, Little Jamaica and Greektown in less than a day. You can hear the different languages, talk to members of a multicultural community, see the sights, taste the food and feel at home – wherever you come from. The Toronto Region is a truly global city – from business to daily life – perfect for those who crave a piece of home in their newly adopted country.

The City of Toronto’s motto is, “Diversity, our Strength,” meaning the city and surrounding municipalities appreciate the differences that come with diversity and make a conscious effort to create an equitable environment for all. More importantly, we celebrate our diversity – we consider it our calling card to the world. Acceptance and equity make the region a welcoming and safe place for people of all backgrounds, regardless of age, sex, gender identity, ethnic heritage, race, abilities, sexual orientation, values, or religion/spiritual practice. This celebration of diversity and acceptance is exemplified in events such as the Toronto Pride Parade, which hosts nearly two million people each June, according to Pride Toronto’s Economic Impact Report. Toronto was thrilled to host World Pride in 2014, and support for the 2SLGBTQ+ community has only grown since then.

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“The incredible amenities offered by this new urban centre (Markham) provide our employees a place to work that is conveniently located close to major highways and excellent transit. Additionally, the retail offerings, restaurants, art installations and green spaces will all contribute to a terrific environment and an engaged work force.”
- Greg Somerville, President and CEO, Aviva Canada
“As our first international engineering hub, the founding team will be mission-critical to creating impactful products and programs that set DoorDash up for success in Canada and beyond. Toronto has evolved into an incredible global technology hub and selecting the city for one of our engineering sites was a natural choice when considering our ambitious goals and growth in the Canadian market.”
- Andy Fang, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DoorDash