Talent Diversity

The Toronto Region is home to a vast talent pool with the skills, education and experience you need to expand your business. Canada is home to one of the most educated populations in the world, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

According to the OECD, we are better educated than any other OECD country. Fully 70 percent of adults in the province of Ontario have a postsecondary education, a rate higher than any OECD country (Invest in Ontario). With 18 colleges and universities in the Toronto Region, there is no shortage of highly skilled graduates ready to take on the demands of your business.

Access to university talent was top on the relocation must-have list. By setting up shop [in Halton], EcoSynthetix was able to form partnerships with a variety of local academic institutions, including the University of Toronto, McMaster University, University of Guelph and University of Waterloo.

- John van Leeuwen, CEO Ecosynthetix

In addition to being highly educated, our labour force is diverse in culture. The Toronto Region welcomes all cultures and ethnicities. Our large immigrant population creates the ability to do business in a variety of languages which can help you engage in international markets.

More than 51 percent of the population is foreign born, speaking over 180 languages and dialects. The Toronto Region is home to 37.4 percent of all foreign-born people in Canada, with the top three countries of origin being China, India and the Philippines.

An international business would have no problem finding workers to communicate globally. The languages most often spoken in the region are Mandarin, Cantonese, Tamil, Hindi, Urdu, Tagalog, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

With multiculturalism at its core, Toronto Region is one of the most progressive and innovative places in the world. Come visit us to see just how vibrant a region can be with a diverse population that embraces inclusion and delivers a competitive advantage in talent.


Toronto Global’s Talent Connections Program fosters better connections between our clients and the 18 postsecondary institutions throughout the region while attracting new talent into our region to keep up with demand.

The program helps to develop the regional talent story while acting as the go-to organization for international companies looking to hire strategic talent and connect with postsecondary institutions.


Join a network of postsecondary institutions and world-renowned researchers.


Take advantage of the Toronto Region’s growing pipeline of specialized talent or attract international talent easily by taking advantage of our open immigration policies.


Work with both government and academia to shape the workforce of the future.

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Talent attraction

As the most critical factor impacting corporate growth, talent is one of the Toronto Region’s strongest assets. So much so, that BCG’s 2020 Decoding Global Talent, Onsite and Virtual report surveyed over 200,000 workers globally and found that Canada replaced the United States as a top choice to relocate for work.

Recognizing this, Canada has increased its immigration goals through to 2024. In 2021, Canada welcomed 405,000 permanent residents – the largest intake for the country. This number is predicted to only grow in coming years.

If attracting international talent is key, Canada has several options available, meaning you can choose a program that best meets your needs.


  • The Global Skills Strategy – This program was introduced by the Government of Canada to allow employers to fast-track hiring top global talent. Between June 2017 and 2021, over 60,000 skilled workers came to Canada through this program. Ontario is the top destination of choice for Global Skills Strategy Primary applicants. 57 percent of applicants reside in Ontario – more than any other province combined.
  • Global Talent Stream – Part of the Global Skills Strategy, The Global Talent stream is a fast-track stream launched in June 2017, establishing faster processing of LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) and Work Permit applications for highly skilled occupations. Toronto Global can refer your business for expedited processing as a Designated Referral Partner to the Global Talent Stream
  • Intra-Company Transfer – This program provides eligible employees with a one-year work permit, which can be renewed, to work at the same company in Canada. Intra-company transferees are required to have worked with the company at least one year in the last three years at a specialized or senior level.

Whether you are looking to leverage the local talent pipeline, or bring in talent from outside the country, Toronto Global can help guide you through the process.

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