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Who is Toronto Global?


Toronto Global
is Toronto Region

Toronto Global forges meaningful connections between business, government, industry and academia, fostering a network that amplifies your business potential and propels you to new heights. Our mission at Toronto Global is to empower businesses like yours with the knowledge and tools to thrive, leveraging the limitless potential of this extraordinary region.

Toronto Global can help you get here!

We’re dedicated to delivering innovative solutions tailored to your specific business needs, to set the stage for your success in the business and financial capital of Canada.

How Toronto Global help international businesses expand in Canada

Your success is our business. Since 2017, our elite team of business advisors have helped over 200 international companies set up their businesses in Canada through a simple, yet highly effective framework. Our team can:


tailored market information and industry business cases.


you to industry insiders for candid conversations on the ecosystem.


you on business grants and incentives applicable to your business.



introductions to sector experts and all three levels of government.


guidance on site selection.


a full review on the talent and market opportunities for your business.

Office of the CEO

Stephen Lund

Chief Executive Officer

Tania Polsinelli

Senior Advisor, Office of the CEO

Stephen Lund

Chief Executive Officer

Tania Polsinelli

Senior Advisor, Office of the CEO

Investment Attraction

Daniel Hengeveld

Vice President, Investment Attraction

Matt Switzer

Director, Investment Attraction - North America

Graeme Cooke

Senior Advisor, Investment Attraction - North America

Liana Hovakimyan

Director, Investment Attraction - North America

Michael Keoshkerian

Senior Advisor, Investment Attraction - North America

Alex Nnamchi

Advisor, Investment Attraction - North America

Trevor Novak

Senior Director, Investment Attraction - Europe

Catherine Lee

Senior Advisor, Investment Attraction - Asia-Pacific

Nadine Oliver

Advisor, Investment Attraction, - Europe

Michael Rublack

Director, Investment Attraction - Indo-Pacific

Sean Coates

Senior Advisor, Investment Attraction - India

Ellen Mitchell

Senior Advisor, Corporate Development

Talent & Business Insights

Bethany Moir

Director, Strategic Insights & Client Services

Courtney Bowen

Senior Advisor, Talent Partnerships

Ichhya Thapa

Business Insights Intern

Julia Niebles

Business Insights Analyst

Marketing and Communications

Julia Sakas

Director, Marketing & Communications

Jaclyn McNeil

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Linh Do

Marketing & Communications Intern

Cathryn Love

Senior Communications Specialist

Human resources, finance & business operations

Winston Young

Chief Financial Officer

Terrie O’Leary

Executive Vice President, Government Relations, Strategy & Finance

Tanya Guttinger

Office Operations Specialist

Samanta Adolph

Assistant Controller

Laura Jean McLeod

Senior Manager, People & Culture

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