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Zifo’s Canadian Expansion Enriches Toronto Region’s Growing Life Sciences Industry

Zifo RnD Solutions, a global provider of informatics solutions for research-based organizations, has formally incorporated this Technologies Inc. Canada, adding to the growing life sciences industry in the Toronto Region.

Zifo Technologies Inc. has launched its first Canadian office and operational headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, with the goal of catering to the rising demand for dedicated local support. It’s wholly owned Canadian subsidiary plans to deliver excellence and offer services in three key regions across the country – Vancouver, Montreal, and the Toronto Region. It works across research, development, manufacturing, and clinical domains with expertise in over 90 partner technologies. From its new operational headquarters in Mississauga, it will serve customers from a wide range of industries, including Pharma/Biotech/Clinical Research Organizations (CRO), Industrial Chemicals and Oil/Gas, Consumer Goods, and Food and Beverage. 

Why did Zifo choose Mississauga, Ontario, Canada?

Zifo has been growing aggressively in the U.S., and with Canada’s global pharma market share, the company knew a Canadian expansion would be central to its strategy. Canada has a 2 per cent share of the global pharma market, making our country the 10th largest pharma market in the world. Several leading multi-national life science, biotech, and biomedical companies operate out of Canada and undertake R&D to develop new or improved patented drugs and therapies. Moreover, Canada’s proximity to our southern neighbours, shared time zones with the U.S. market, and progressive immigration system makes our country a favourable nearshore choice for servicing Zifo’s U.S. customer base.

It’s Canadian operational headquarters was strategically placed, with the organization carefully selecting Mississauga to be the location for this expansion. For Zifo, the choice was clear: Mississauga, with its mature life sciences, pharmaceutical, and biotech ecosystem, and an established talent pipeline, is the ideal location for the expansion of its operations. In Mississauga alone, there are approximately 500 life sciences companies and 25,000 employees in the life sciences industry. This area has become known as “Pill Hill” within the pharma community – more than half of Canada’s pharmaceutical companies are based here! It’s office will be co-located with pharma giants such as Amgen, Astra Zeneca, Baxter, GSK, Pfizer and Roche, and other small and medium sized pharma and biotech companies.

Life Sciences in the Toronto Region

Take a look at the current geographical landscape below, which breaks down the regional strengths and investment opportunities within the life sciences industry:

“We’re pleased to welcome Zifo RnD to Ontario’s vibrant life sciences ecosystem,” says Jason Field, President and CEO of Life Sciences Ontario (LSO). “Our robust talent pipeline, research expertise, and infrastructure have positioned the Toronto Region, and Ontario, as a leading location for major global life sciences and biotech firms, like RnD.”

What’s next for Zifo?

Its motto, “Curiosity is in our DNA,” has driven the organization to further invest in the Toronto Region.
“Canada is a top nation with a lot of support and progress in the R&D field. We are excited to be starting our operation here and help accelerate research and development here with a focused local support,” says Raj Prakash G, Co-founder and CEO of Zifo RnD Solutions.

It is currently performing intensive market research in Canada to enable and accelerate customer acquisition, hoping to venture further into our promising life sciences market and achieve rapid growth over the next few years.

Zifo RnD: Science led. People driven. Technology centered. If you’re interested in learning more about Zifo, please contact [email protected] or visit

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