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Career Fair: Diving into the Toronto Region’s Deep Talent Pool

It is almost that time of year again when concourses fill with excited students looking for their next opportunity. A career fair is a fantastic way to engage with early talent, whether in a four-month co-op position or a full-time job. After all, hiring post-secondary talent is a great way to build and nurture the leaders of tomorrow and grow a successful business.

Why Are Career Fairs Important?

As new companies enter the Toronto Region market, it’s often important to make their mark on the ecosystem by attending events, networking with the local community, and ensuring their brand becomes well-known locally. Attending a university or college career fair is a great way to get in front of young talent, but it’s also a great branding opportunity. Showing the talent of tomorrow who you are as a company today will ultimately benefit your business’s future.

Which Career Fairs Near Me are Coming Up?

We are putting together a full calendar of career fairs for winter 2023 and sharing it with our clients. One such event is the University of Toronto YNCN Engineering Career Fair, sometimes known as the YNCN Career Fair. Your Next Career Network (YNCN) is a student group focused on career development within the engineering faculty. With a membership of over 5,000 engaged students, YNCN helps to provide opportunities to students by running career development events and connections to employers.

How Can a Career Fair Benefit Your Business?

In the fall of 2022, YNCN welcomed 2,500 students and 70 top companies and successfully created an environment where both parties could engage in meaningful conversations. UofT is responsible for producing some of the country’s top STEM candidates, so there is no better opportunity to meet potential candidates, talk about the exciting work that they could be doing, and showcase your company’s brand.

Our client, Snowflake took advantage of UofT’s Fall fair and gave nothing but rave reviews. “Connecting with new talent really cemented our place here in the Toronto tech scene,” said Harvinder Jammu, Executive Operations – Engineering, Snowflake. “It can be hard to find the right talent as a company operating and hiring in a new city. The University of Toronto career fair gave us the opportunity to connect with some local, talented candidates, that we could bring on board to help build our team!”

Hosting a Career Fair in 2023? Contact Us

Toronto Global would love to know if you are organizing a career fair for 2023! Our clients are always looking for new ways to engage with talent, and we would be happy to connect them with the Toronto Region’s best and brightest and add more dates to our career fair calendar.

Contact [email protected] to learn more.

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