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Ebara Brings Trustworthy Customer Service To The Toronto Region With New Expansion

Ebara Corporation (Ebara Japan) is a long-standing staple in the global industry of industrial pumps, fans, and blowers. Established in 1912, Ebara Corporation tapped into the Canadian market by opening Ebara Pumps Corporation Canada (Ebara Canada) in the Toronto Region earlier this spring.

Originally based in Japan, this was Ebara Canada’s introduction to Canada and more specifically, the Toronto Region. The renowned company chose Aurora, in the heart of Greater Toronto’s York Region, as its new expansion location due to the easy access to a large number of businesses and customer base across North America.

Led by President Yusuke Nagatani, Ebara Canada works hard to satisfy its Canadian customers with excellent products and service. We sat down with Yusuke to discuss Ebara Canada’s rich history and exciting plans for its Canadian expansion.

President of Ebara, Yusuke Nagatani, and his team

Photo: Yusuke Nagatani works closely with his team of customer service experts to maintain an enjoyable workplace where staff can thrive

Q: Can you tell us more about Ebara Canada?

We import various types of high-quality pump products and parts and distribute them to our customers in a timely manner. We are dedicated to keeping a strategic level of inventory to meet and exceed customer’s expectations in terms of speed and attention.

Ebara Japan has over 100 years of history and we have adapted significantly to support customers while maintaining our principles. This means we have the experience to anticipate customers’ current and future needs. We have many strong points, not only in technical background but also in skill level to solve our customers’ problems. As a result, we will always be able to provide the best solution to customers.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

We are looking forward to expanding our capacity. In the next six months, we will start assembling pump products right in our own warehouse to increase efficiency even further. Although most of our activity is based in Ontario, we are planning to secure an additional warehouse in Western Canada in the future. We also have plans to establish regional offices in various areas based on sales requirements and customer demand.

As a company, we want to be a top manufacturer in Canada. To achieve this goal, we are promoting our brand more and growing brand awareness of Ebara Pump products. We feel we are building the best company in the industry by creating a safe and enjoyable workplace. We prioritize family values on our team. We think the most important thing is employee satisfaction. If employees can work passionately, I believe we can provide the best service to our customers.

Q: What makes Ebara Canada unique?

Our supply chain system is unique. Our group production factories are located throughout the world, so we can provide products and parts from various areas. We use this method to ensure our supply chain is stable. Our biggest factory is in Japan, with other major factories in Italy, Brazil, China, Indonesia and so on. We also import from our assembly facilities in the U.S. When resources are limited, we manage our products based on each factory’s strength and capabilities to ensure the shortest wait times for our customers.

In addition, customers reported a high level of trust in our products, services and solutions. This trust is among our strengths that set us apart, and we pay close attention to customer feedback.

Q: Why did Ebara Canada choose the Toronto Region?

Ontario is home to Canada’s largest economy and the Toronto Region is at its core. Naturally, great companies are gathering in this area, and many of our valued customers have their business operations located here. In addition, infrastructure and transportation networks are well-established and connected.

Q: How has Toronto Global supported Ebara Canada throughout this journey?

Our parent company is Ebara Japan, and this was our first time investing in Canada. Therefore, we did not have enough information regarding business registration, legal regulations, internal company rules, potential warehouse locations, and so on.

When we had exhausted our internal resources, Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Toronto introduced us to Toronto Global. COVID was higher risk at the time, so naturally, we first met virtually. We were introduced to Catherine-san, (Catherine Lee, Senior Advisor, Investment Attraction – Asia) who was a quick learner. She was able to recognize our concerns in a short period of time and provide information that was extremely relevant and matched our requirements. I still contact her when I have questions or concerns, and I have appreciated her kind cooperation and guidance throughout the process.

Ebara Canada is expanding rapidly and implementing exciting additions in the process. Ebara Canada’s warehouse is located in Aurora, an ideal spot for a business looking to reach a wide variety of markets. Read the official press release here.

To learn more about how this experienced company has progressed and expanded globally, visit Ebara’s website.

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