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SCORE and TealBook: Toronto Global’s Use of AI Technology to Give Clients a Competitive Edge

Toronto Global’s SCORE program partners with external applications like TealBook to provide the best outcomes for clients. Toronto Global has utilized TealBook over the past year to create customized solutions for clients struggling with current supply chain concerns. We sat down with Stephany Lapierre, Founder and CEO, to discuss how Toronto Global procured their services and some of the results of operating with TealBook. 


SCORE is Toronto Global’s Supply Chain, Onshoring, Resilience and Expansion program, designed to provide meaningful supply chain solutions for Toronto Global’s clients. The current global supply chain has become inflexible over time and as a result, many international and domestic companies experience long wait times and a disorganized approach to supply chain issues.

Toronto Global launched the SCORE program to help our clients navigate common supply chain issues and develop systems to ensure better results in the future. The economic development landscape is evolving at a rapid pace. SCORE is Toronto Global’s method of helping clients adapt to an ever-changing market, despite the global supply chain remaining stagnant.


TealBook is a supplier intelligence application that provides their partners with smarter supplier data. TealBook is unique from other data gathering services in its use of AI, which ultimately saves time and delivers more trustworthy data. TealBook also connects its partners with the most efficient and organized suppliers, eliminating problems before they arise, creating more resiliency and agility within supply chains. TealBook acts as a first point of contact for outreach with salespeople, executives, and suppliers.

TealBook was founded by Stephany Lapierre, who noticed a jarring gap in the organization of relationships between companies and suppliers and saw it as an opportunity to “centralize and aggregate supplier intelligence for all stakeholders.”


Through Toronto Global’s partnership with TealBook, we have access to accurate, refreshed supplier data. That means the SCORE team can swiftly create reports for clients and answer all their supply chain-related questions with ease and efficiency. In these reports, we can provide tailored supplier data to help each individual client find suppliers that fit their needs.

With supply chain and market data at our fingertips, Toronto Global can help clients understand their potential competitive landscape once they expand to the Toronto Region. Knowledge of industry data is vital when expanding a business, and that data can change depending on the location. Stephany Lapierre further emphasized the importance of data saying, “organizations need access to quality and up-to-date supplier data at the speed and scale that can keep up with market dynamics and growing global requirements.” With the help of SCORE and TealBook, clients have the upper hand when looking to expand their business.

Using TealBook, Toronto Global’s SCORE program can offer accessible, digestible supplier overviews and descriptions of products and services, information about a supplier’s geographic reach, North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes, and suppliers with similar offerings.

There are many factors to consider when a business is choosing a supplier. Businesses often prefer to partner with a supplier that aligns with their values as a company. SCORE uses TealBook to access more information on a supplier’s ethical practices and sustainability efforts, affiliated associations, corporate relationships, and overall business history.

SCORE can help narrow down the overwhelming supplier information by using TealBook to filter by specific location, offering, and diversity certifications. TealBook’s AI-powered technology consistently updates supplier profiles, giving Toronto Global access to the most updated supply chain information.


If your enterprise is experiencing supply chain challenges, please contact us to learn more. There, you will find direct access to the SCORE team with the resources to assist you.

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