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Scribble Data brings its North American HQ to the Mecca of Machine Learning Talent

India-based, Scribble Data has developed an engineering platform designed to provide customizable machine learning services. The company’s platform creates a bridge between data science and data engineering, so it’s no wonder that Scribble Data landed in the Toronto Region – North America’s hotbed of machine learning engineering talent.

Toronto, Scribble Data’s North America headquarters, is considered one of the world’s biggest technology hubs. The company chose this city for its close proximity to its customers, as well as the founders’ own history with it. We spoke with Scribble Data Co-Founder, Indrayudh (Indra) Ghoshal, about Scribble Data’s trajectory, from a “dusty garage origin story” in Bangalore to scaling operations in North America, and how the company is set up for success in the Toronto Region.

Scribble Data

Q: Can you tell us more about Scribble Data?

Scribble Data is a data preparation software company, focused on feature engineering for machine learning. Our software robustly handles the messy, error-prone, time-intensive process of preparing data, needed to help businesses make better data-informed decisions using machine learning models and other data science techniques.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

Scribble Data has just raised a seed round. The plan is to hire talent to both deepen our product as well as to grow our customer base in North America. Over the next 16 months, Scribble Data will be hiring engineers and others from a host of backgrounds to lead our go-to-market. These positions are (remote-first) out of our base in Toronto.

Q: What makes Scribble Data unique?

We’ve had the dusty garage origin story, and then built a revenue-funded company before raising funds. This has meant steering clear of hype cycles, and making sure our software delivers value to each of our customers in three continents. Our focus has been on sound engineering, and as we look at growing in the US and Canada, we’re doubling down on hiring the right talent independent of their background.

Q: What is the growth potential for Engineering and Business Development talent?

We’re looking for engineers who have made mistakes, failed and picked themselves up. These are folks who want to get their hands dirty, and write code that ships. Engineering talent will have the option to grow into principal engineering roles, representing Scribble Data at public fora about how they’ve approached cutting-edge engineering challenges for high performant, robust systems, while also having their code go live at customer deployments of our feature engineering platform. They will also have the option of growing into Engineering Managers, leading distributed world class teams responsible for different facets of our software. Business Development at Scribble is equal parts outward facing as it is internal – we’re primarily in the business of selling trust. Our software is a representation of that. So Business Development folks will build relationships around the globe with prospects, as well as with internal teams as authentically as they can.

Q: Tell us about your story as a U of T graduate and how your career path has led you here.

After my MBA at U of T, I thought I might try to build a company of my own, so I quit a job heading an analytics division at a major Canadian bank, and began working at a small company to learn the ropes. That company did well, as did I, and I felt enough buoyancy to found my own startup. This new startup didn’t succeed by conventional metrics, but taught me a bunch. It was then that I realised that it sometimes takes a lived experience to have lessons around business – from revenue growth, to people, to vision – really take root. At Scribble, I’m now getting to marry my gut with what I’ve learned along the way to make sure we grow our business robustly alongside the people that make it possible – our team, our customers and our investors.

Q: Why did Scribble Data choose the Toronto Region?

Toronto is a known hotbed for machine learning engineering talent. In addition, it is well situated, both geographically and from the perspective of visibility, to allow Scribble to reach the largest base of customers. All levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) are extremely helpful in getting businesses like ours established and off the ground. An added bonus is that the city is so welcoming, whether it’s the people, the culture, the food or the natural beauty!

Q: How has Toronto Global supported your business throughout this journey?

Sean and Mike from Toronto Global have been on this journey with me from the time I’d conceptualized incorporating in Toronto. Their spirit of partnership has been exemplary. In addition to guiding me to resources for hiring, workspaces, and grants, they’ve also set up numerous, thoughtfully curated networking conversations for me, each of which have had knock-on effects for my company.

Get in on the ground floor with Scribble Data.

“Toronto has all the promise of great talent in both tech and non-tech roles, great connections within the software community and is the best gateway for Scribble into North America. This is exemplified most by the kind of support Scribble Data has received from Toronto Global at each step of our early foray into establishing ourselves in the city,” says Venkata Pingali, Co-Founder & CEO of Scribble Data.

“We are thrilled that Scribble Data has chosen to locate its headquarters in the Toronto Region, creating new, highly skilled jobs to take advantage of our diverse talent pool,” said Stephen Lund, CEO, Toronto Global. “The region is becoming known globally as an established technology hub, making it a natural choice for international companies like Scribble Data. Welcome to the Toronto Region!”

Scribble Data is growing quickly, hiring for remote positions in North America, India and parts of Europe. This phase of hiring is considered an extension of Scribble’s core team, so if you want to get in on the ground floor, now would be a good time to look their way.

To learn more about Scribble’s core values and discover if you would be a good fit for the team, visit the company’s website.

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