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Toronto Region United with Cities Across Canada in COVID-19 Response

In recent weeks, the world has seen the dramatic human and economic effects of COVID-19. Despite the unprecedented challenges this pandemic has thrown at us, the Toronto Region has shown great strength, resilience and ingenuity. Thousands of individuals (front-line workers, doctors, healthcare workers, and essential workers), businesses and all levels of government are working diligently to help the region overcome this challenging time. Here are some key initiatives and achievements happening across the Toronto Region.

Government Leaders Are Setting the Bar

Canada is known as a very peaceful nation with a great worldwide reputation. It also consistently ranks as one of the best places to live in the world. This is in large part thanks to the incredible people that share our nation, and the honour and respect Canadians have for one another. When in crisis, Canadians come together to support each other – it’s just in our nature. And when crises hit, the national, provincial and municipal governments across the country rally behind their people, quickly rolling out support programs for individuals, families, entrepreneurs and businesses to help keep them afloat and protect our economy.

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What’s most impressive is how our federal, provincial and municipal/regional leaders have set a tone that calls on Canadians to hunker down to contain the spread of the virus. By encouraging and enforcing self-isolation, holding daily press conference updates on COVID-19 to keep the public aware and up to date on policies to protect Canadians, and quickly launching new programs to help Canadians get back on their feet; our governments are doing everything in their power to inform, protect and support our people.

The world has taken notice, and many individuals and businesses are looking forward to continuing to work and invest in the best country in the world.

Companies Are Helping In Canada

If you give us a challenge, we will rise to the occasion. In Canada, and across the Toronto Region, companies are shifting their operations to develop products that will help fight against COVID-19, protect the healthcare and front-line workers who are working to contain the virus, and shelter the public from further infection.

For instance, Ontario Power Generation is using 3D printing technology to produce plastic face shields, and has partnered with Ontario Tech University in Oshawa to fast-track the production of this vital piece of personal protective equipment.

Brampton businesses have stepped up and opened their hearts to help the city’s most vulnerable. The local food retailer, Loblaws, has committed to providing $5 million dollars in gift cards to food banks and community charities, including Second Harvest, Community Food Centres Canada, and others.

BlueDot, a Toronto based AI company, was one of the first to identify the outbreak of COVID-19. Its team of experts uses artificial intelligence to map the virus, and continues to work closely with the Canadian government to make key decisions in order to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

In York Region, companies such as 4S Consulting are providing complimentary training modules to businesses on how to deal with COVID-19 in the workplace.

Mississauga Lib is providing 3D printed parts to Shop3Dca as part of its campaign to develop face shields that are donated to front line healthcare workers in the Toronto Region.

In Burlington, many organizations and businesses have inspired the community in new & creative ways through the COVID-19 Wall of Inspiration; which infoms of all the good work that is being done during this crisis.

And this is just to name a few! There are many more companies in the Toronto Region that continue to support thousands of front-line workers all across Canada. The support from our community is phenomenal, but not surprising. As a region, we have each other’s backs, and this has become even more important during this pandemic.

What is Toronto Global Doing?

At Toronto Global, our first priority has been the health and safety of our team, clients and partners. We continue to monitor COVID-19 to understand the business and health impacts on a national and global basis, setting priorities and taking appropriate action.

Our Investment Attraction and leadership teams have kept in touch with our clients, providing them with information and connecting them to government resources that apply to their businesses. We’re answering any and all questions or concerns that they have, and helping them to navigate their business challenges in the face of overwhelming adversity.

These are challenging times, and there are risks to be prioritized and managed, but there will also be opportunities for businesses beyond the short-term in the Toronto Region. Companies are prepared to weather the storm, and encouraged to look to the future. This is a moment in time, and although it seems like an eternity, it will pass. At the other end of this situation is a bright future for the Toronto Region. The economy will recover, and we will come back stronger than ever. Thanks to the resilience of our people, we are hopeful for the future and the opportunities it will bring. With such an exceptional talent pool in the Toronto Region, there is no limit to what we can accomplish, and Toronto Global is here to connect companies with the skilled talent they need to bring innovations to life during COVID-19 and beyond.

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