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Tiggy, A 15-Minute Grocery Delivery App, Rapidly Expands Operations to Toronto Region

The online grocery delivery app aims to make Toronto its Canadian headquarters and a primary operating base, with plans to rapidly expand across the region

TORONTO, January 25, 2022 – Established in 2021, grocery delivery startup, Tiggy, offers 15-minute grocery delivery services to Canadian consumers by providing them with a platform that has no hidden fees, no subscription, and enables an ultrafast grocery delivery to their doorsteps. Currently operating in Vancouver, Tiggy has expanded its services to the Toronto Region, with ambitious growth plans to open several micro fulfillment centres in the region by the end of 2022. Tiggy will extend its services across the country by the end of 2025 to serve major cities and create jobs in communities from coast to coast. 

Tiggy’s primary operating base will be the Toronto Region, where the majority of business activity will occur, and jobs opportunities created. The company builds and operates micro fulfillment centres with a two-mile operating radius within densely populated metropolitan areas. Tiggy achieves the 15-minute delivery lead time by utilizing the proprietary technology, operational best practices, and strategic positioning of its micro fulfillment centers across cities. In addition, Tiggy offers nearly all of its products at regular retail prices, the strategy that is achieved by the sheer network effect and the procurement volumes and several strategic wholesale partnerships with Canada’s leading national and local suppliers. With Tiggy, no longer Canadian consumers need to wait in long queues, make bulk weekly purchases, and plan their grocery shopping way in advance.

Tiggy has been working closely with Toronto Global, a team of experienced business advisors assisting global businesses to expand into the Toronto Region.

“Toronto offers a great business environment for tech startups, has a diverse culture that truly inspires innovative and disruptive ideas, and it is a home for top talent from local universities,” said Eugene Bisovka, Co-Founder, Tiggy. “Toronto’s population has been growing faster than many other cities in Canada, and we are sure that the demand for grocery delivery will skyrocket, and Tiggy has a brilliant solution to meet the demands of Toronto communities by providing them with the best customer experience that is currently available on the market. We are excited to engage with the City of Toronto, generate lots of value to consumers through our services, and help local communities to thrive.”

Tiggy partners with local vendors and brands to bring fresh, trending, and beloved products to consumers while helping local communities to thrive. In addition, the ultrafast grocery delivery model helps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by minimizing the need for physical shopping, effectively reducing overall exposure to the virus. The service is especially beneficial to the most vulnerable groups such as seniors, people with special needs, and individuals with compromised immunity.

“I am thrilled that Tiggy has chosen to expand its operations to Toronto to take advantage of our skilled and diverse talent pool,” said Mayor John Tory. “I celebrate Tiggy’s commitment to supporting Canadian merchants, enhancing customer experience, and protecting our most vulnerable communities, as we work to restart and rebuild the economy in the Toronto Region.”

Tiggy has carefully designed its app to provide consumers with a frictionless experience when scrolling through available items and placing an order. Tiggy App is available now on both iOS and Android enabled devices.


About Tiggy
Tiggy provides 15-minute grocery delivery services to Canadian consumers by providing them with a platform that has no hidden fees, no subscription, and enables a fast grocery delivery to their doorsteps. Tiggy’s innovative technology and business processes facilitate consistency in the product assortment, provide the freshest produce, and drastically reduce food waste encouraging on-demand grocery shopping. Furthermore, Tiggy’s advanced supply chain management system and integrated procurement/inventory process significantly increase efficiencies in managing larger suppliers and local vendors.

Media Contacts
Mariya Pozdniakova 
Project Manager, Tiggy
[email protected]

Dmitry Rakhanskiy 
Head of Corporate Development, Tiggy
[email protected]

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