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AIMMO Chooses York Region As Its New North American Location For Its Connection To The AI Industry

AIMMO, one of the world’s leading AI Data companies, has launched its first Canadian office in York Region’s City of Markham. AIMMO, originally based in Seongnam South Korea, is entering global markets with recent North American and European expansions. AIMMO offers a broad range of AI services and chose the Toronto Region for its booming AI and tech industry.
In collaboration with KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency), Toronto Global worked closely with AIMMO in securing its new North American headquarters. We sat down with Head of Global Sales, Doyle Conan Chung, and Business Development North American Team Lead, Dan Jongho Baek, to learn more about AIMMO’s services and exciting plans for the future.

Q: Can you tell us more about AIMMO?

AIMMO is an AI Data Company founded in 2016. We provide a service that processes AI’s learning data into the form that customers want. AIMMO uses its own data management technology and AI to effectively collect, curate, and process various forms of data such as images, videos, and audio to help companies develop artificial intelligence models.

Here at AIMMO, our services are separated into two categories. The first is an AI data management service called AIMMO DaaS (Data as a Service), which specializes in autonomous driving. AIMMO DaaS is supported by our second category of services, AIMMO GTaaS (Ground Truth as a Service), which collects, curates, and processes large amounts of training data that is difficult for companies to manage directly and provides software for customers to use.AIMMO

AIMMO is currently focusing on global expansion with offices in the UK, Canada (North America), Vietnam and Japan. We have recently been successful in a bid to work on UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) projects with Europe’s largest automotive engineering and self-driving test and verification infrastructure.

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Q: What are your growth and expansion plans for the future?

We have undergone a significant expansion in the past year. AIMMO’s GTaaS achieved about $10 million in revenue with stable revenue generation in 2021. We also established branches in the UK and Japan in 2021 and completed the establishment of branches in North America (Canada) in the first half of 2022.

In Japan, AIMMO has won projects from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Construction Machinery, while AIMMO’s UK division has won prominent autonomous driving and unmanned autonomous driving projects.

We have some significant projects in the works. We have completed project orders for NASDAQ-listed autonomous driving companies in North America and leading AI autonomous driving companies in Europe and North America.

AIMMO’s DaaS (Data as a Service), for autonomous driving which will be a significant offering in the market, will be introduced in the third quarter of 2022. AIMMO DaaS in the field of smart cities will be introduced in the global market in the third quarter of 2023. We have already received inquiries from many global companies and asked them to discuss projects and have started discussing PoC with some automotive giants.

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Q: What makes AIMMO unique?

AIMMO’s GTaaS and AD-DaaS make AIMMO unique. We provide a broad range of AI services due to our two separate but complimenting technologies.

AIMMO GTaaS (Ground Truth as a Service)

GTaaS, the core service of AIMMO, the convenient outsourcing service to label large amount of unstructured data for AI models. AIMMO’s Smart Labeling technology can handle data annotation more than five times faster than manual labeling by using its own data processing platform. AIMMO’s built-in quality management system ensures 99.9% annotation accuracy.

With GTaaS, professional annotators can collect learning data and curate, process, and inspect it to meet client requirements. AIMMO’s data experts with diverse and extensive data annotation experience design the most cost-effective project workflow to generate high-quality data.

GTaaS can be applied to several fields. GTaaS services are currently being used for autonomous driving, smart cities, media, defense, and security. Technologies for GTaaS models are supported by complex AI such as: Object Detection (Bounding Box), Semantic Segmentation, Instance Segmentation, Interactive Segmentation, 3D Object Detection, Pose Estimation (Landmark, Keypoint, etc.), Multi-Object Tracking, etc.

AIMMO AD-DaaS (Autonomous driving – Data as a Service)

AIMMO’s AD-DaaS provides optimized data sets for autonomous driving perception, prediction and planning. AIMMO owns autonomous data collection vehicles that support customized high-precision data. The AD-DaaS service supplies data at the customer’s request before the development of artificial intelligence systems. The data generation infrastructure, data storage, and DaaS platform are all organically connected.

AD-DaaS boasts unique technology and infrastructure related to self-driving data collection. AIMMO has a vehicle with sensors that can collect autonomous driving data and is building a growing collection infrastructure for data generation. AIMMO AD-DaaS is a structure in which software for each stage operates as a toolchain.

Q: Why did AIMMO choose the Toronto Region/York Region?

The Toronto Region has a desirable AI industry and competitive costs when looking to operate within North America. It provides access to the AI teams from GM, Magna, Apple, FORD, Amazon, and NVIDIA, and above all, the Ontario Initiative.

“AIMMO chose the Toronto Region because of the access to the autonomous driving industry and the abundance of AI driven connections and talent in the region. AIMMO is ready to help North American AI companies grow rapidly, starting in York,” said Business Development North American Team Lead, Dan Jongho Baek.

Source: Canada’s AI Ecosystem, Research & Innovation (2019 University of Toronto)

Q: How has Toronto Global supported AIMMO throughout this journey?

When AIMMO was preparing to open its Canadian office, we sought guidance on the most ideal area to operate in, considering many different factors. Toronto Global recommended and introduced several locations within the Toronto Region including York Region. We previously had no knowledge of the area and Toronto Global connected us to various representatives, helping us make the final decision to open our office there. Toronto Global also helped us connect with the North American investors and accountants needed for AIMMO. We really appreciate their help.

More on AIMMO

With its transformative supply and licensing models and broad range of services, AIMMO is leading the global enablement of new smart applications to realize automation efficiency in various fields.
AIMMO is redefining how AI can be used and applied to power smart automation. At the heart of AIMMO’s smart automation solution is its exclusive AI-driven approach to the acquisition, curation, labeling, and augmentation of structured, highly accurate training data that is delivered even faster to users through AIMMO’s automated data operations process.
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