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Presto Has Arrived in the Toronto Region to Transform the Restaurant Industry

Presto modernizes restaurant dining-rooms, enhancing the guest dining experience, streamlining operations, and increasing its clients’ brand value. With it, diners can order food, provide feedback, play games, and pay their bill at the table, without waiting. The system includes not only specialized hardware, but also a complete software solution designed to meet the specialized needs of restaurants.

Presto is transforming the restaurant industry by offering innovative, enterprise-grade technologies. With over 100 million monthly active users and over 300,000 systems shipped across the U.S., Presto is the restaurant industry’s leading enterprise technology platform in North America.

Toronto Global began working with the restaurant after direct outreach to the company prior to a mission to the San Francisco Bay Area. Presto chose to expand to the Toronto Region for its globally renowned and growing technology sector. 

The company was also drawn to the large pool of highly-skilled candidates that could be recruited through local and international hiring. Toronto Global worked with the restaurant, facilitating introductions to a host of service providers, including incorporation, real estate, immigration, finance and accounting.


“Our experience with Toronto Global has been excellent,” says Ashima Suri, Head of Toronto Operations, Presto. “The staff have been helpful in meeting the current needs of our company and connecting us to the right resources. The partnership we have with Toronto Global has been pivotal in our success here in Toronto.”

The company recently launched a free Contactless Dining Kit for restaurants, including locations in Toronto such as Pizzeria Defina, offering contactless menu display, ordering and payment technology solutions. 

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants are currently reopening their dining rooms and struggling to find ways to take orders and payments in a socially distant, contact-free manner. Available completely free to any restaurant and designed to be set up within an hour, the restaurant Contactless Dining Kit was created to specifically help restaurants navigate the new government guidelines, as well as new guest and staff expectations for safety and sanitation. 

The Contactless Dining Kit is customizable based on restaurant needs and works for restaurants in all categories—full service, quick serve, and more.

About Presto

Presto is continuing to find ways to help restaurants make their guests and staff feel safe in the age of COVID-19, while remaining profitable and delivering an outstanding guest experience.  

“I’ve opened up offices for international companies all over North America, but Toronto stands out from the crowd as a city that encourages and actively supports innovation and has a diverse global workforce that understands international business,” says Martin Cooke, VP of People, the restaurant. 

“The academic institutions turn out a talent pool that is top-tier and the quality of life and excellent social infrastructure of the city help me ensure that my employees also have a great place to work, learn and grow in a vibrant tech community. I am delighted that we have the opportunity to create another tech success story for Toronto.”

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