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ProsFit and the Toyota Mobility Unlimited Hub

Toronto Global CEO Stephen Lund interviews ProsFit CEO Alan Hutchison regarding ProsFit’s involvement with the recently announced Toyota Mobility Unlimited Hub.

It all started with a conversation with Alan Hutchison, CEO of ProsFit, a startup from Bulgaria that leverages digital technology to improve the fitting of prosthetics for people with limb loss. Alan came to Toronto Global offices in December 2022 with a mission to make his solutions available in Toronto and Canada.

As it often happens inside our walls, one conversation led to many others and here we are last Thursday morning attending the launch of the Mobility Unlimited Hub, which came to fruition thanks to the huge efforts of our partners at MaRS Discovery District and the great vision and support of Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF).

In the words of Ryan Klem, Director of Programs, TMF had a simple yet audacious vision to help people with impaired mobility to move freely and safely. They recognized that mobility barriers for some people are so huge and there is no single entity that can solve all of them at once; hence, they came up with this incredible initiative to create the Mobility Unlimited Hub. And where else could this happen other than our unique city where so many players have come together to realize the creation of this important Hub?

Our partners at MaRS did the heavy lifting in bringing this amazing initiative to reality with the support of other organizations such as KITE at University Health Network, Sheridan College, George Brown College, Sixty Degree Capital, Toronto Global and others.

The Hub in Toronto will foster innovations in the mobility space to help people move in a way that is safe, reliable, and accessible for all and in low-carbon environments. It’s that meaningful place where the individual needs of users of all mobility products and technologies will be heard and taken into account by companies that will create innovative and impactful technologies. The theme “There is nothing about us without us” is very relevant here.

So, if you are a company with a mission to improve the lives of people with lesser forms of mobility and looking to scale in a conducive ecosystem, the Application Process for the First Cohort is now live! Join the Mobility Unlimited Hub to get commercialization support, intros to relevant community of collaborators, PR and of course, funding!

Learn more about Prosfit here.

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