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Quality of Life

Inclusive & Diverse

The Toronto Region’s unparalleled quality of life underpins the attractiveness to homegrown and international talent. It’s no surprise that 100,000 new immigrants to Canada each year choose to live in the Toronto Region. In addition, 120,000 international students choose to study at world-renowned universities and colleges in the Toronto region.

Quality of Life
National Cuisines in the Toronto Region toronto global toronto region
  • The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2022 Global Liveability Index ranks Toronto in the Top 10 globally for its high quality of life, ahead of all American cities.
  • The Toronto Region has something for everyone. It is home to three major league sports franchises, award-winning museums, galleries, festivals and events
  • Taste the world through our incredible culinary scene and we’re home to Canada’s first Michelin Guide
  • Toronto is a popular destination for remote workers and is named one of the best cities facilitating remote work by Workmotion, scoring high in factors such as civic infrastructure and liveability.
  • Our regional transit system connects residents to jobs, theatres, sporting venues, and world-renowned restaurants, making the Toronto Region a vibrant place to call home.
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Diverse range of living spaces from the “city within a park” downtown area with its abundant condominiums enveloped by green spaces and beaches, to its municipalities offering everything from quiet family-friendly neighborhoods and picturesque countryside to dynamic urban centers. In 2021, about 40 percent of Toronto Global’s client base chose municipalities outside the downtown core as new permanent residences for their businesses and homes.

Over 250 ethnicities and 190 languages are represented in the Toronto Region, and roughly half the population identifies as a visible minority (defined as Asian, Black, Latin American, or Arab). For example, Brampton is a regional municipality, with over 50 percent of the population of South Asian descent. 

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“We enjoy the surroundings in Oakville: the hiking, biking and the escarpment nearby. The business advantage is that within 100 kilometres we have 18 of the best universities and colleges in Ontario. And it’s easy to find talent to work for us because of the excellent location.”

“The incredible amenities offered by this new urban centre (Markham) provide our employees a place to work that is conveniently located close to major highways and excellent transit. Additionally, the retail offerings, restaurants, art installations and green spaces will all contribute to a terrific environment and an engaged work force.”

“As our first international engineering hub, the founding team will be mission-critical to creating impactful products and programs that set DoorDash up for success in Canada and beyond. Toronto has evolved into an incredible global technology hub and selecting the city for one of our engineering sites was a natural choice when considering our ambitious goals and growth in the Canadian market.”

Interested in learning more?

If you’d like to see the vibrancy of our region yourself, the Toronto Global team can assist with arranging your travel, work with you on a customized itinerary for your visit, set up meetings within a network of business and government consultants, and answer any questions you have about moving and establishing your company and family here.
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