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Aerospace Manufacturing Soars High in the Toronto Region

The Toronto Region is known for its vibrant and diverse economic landscape. One of its most dynamic and thriving sectors is aerospace manufacturing. Over the years, this industry has witnessed tremendous growth, cementing the region’s position as a global hub for aerospace innovation and production.

The Growth in Job Creation

The aerospace manufacturing industry in the Toronto Region has seen significant growth over the past decade. Over half of the top 25 aerospace firms are in Ontario, clustered primarily in the Toronto Region.

According to the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC), one of the most notable aspects of the aerospace industry in the Toronto Region is its role in job creation, providing employment opportunities for a vast and skilled workforce of over 24,000 professionals in the region.

The Toronto Region forms Canada’s second-largest aerospace cluster with over 9,000 mechanical engineers and 2,000 aerospace manufacturing engineers. This robust job market makes it a vital part of the country’s economy and a rich talent pool for companies to rely on.

Research and Development

The Toronto Region’s aerospace manufacturing industry is a hotbed of research and development. The National Research Council of Canada reports that aerospace companies in the Toronto Region spend approximately $800 million annually on research and development. This commitment is realized through the Downsview Aerospace Innovation & Research (DAIR) hub.

Through DAIR, Ontario’s major aerospace manufacturing players have come together with top academic institutions to create a geographic area at Downsview Park in North Toronto where industry and academia can co-locate for the purposes of bolstering research, innovation, and skill development in the province’s aerospace industry.

The first major instalment of the hub was unveiled in 2018: a $72 million, 130,000 square foot training and research facility for Centennial College with a capacity for 900 students. Other major facilities are in development, including:

  • DAIR Innovation Centre – a collaborative space to support aerospace companies of all sizes with research, manufacturing, product and process innovation.
  • University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) – part of U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, UTIAS is engaged in a wide range of research areas, including technologies working to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. UTIAS is expected to move into the new campus at the Downsview Hub in 2025.

Global Competitiveness

The aerospace manufacturing industry in the Toronto Region isn’t just a Canadian powerhouse; it’s globally competitive. Seventy-five percent of all Boeing and Airbus commercial aircraft landing systems are produced in Ontario. With over 160 aerospace companies operating in the Toronto Region alone, the region is at the forefront of the global aerospace market.

According to the Greater Toronto Airports Authority, the region’s two major airports, Pearson International and Billy Bishop, handle more than 40% of all Canadian air cargo, serving as vital transportation hubs for aerospace products and components.

Aerospace Manufacturing Companies Leading the Way

  1. Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier, the world’s third-largest commercial aircraft manufacturer, has played a significant role in the development of the aerospace industry in the Toronto Region. The company’s presence in the region is marked by its manufacturing facility, which recently expanded to Pearson Airport and was previously located at Downsview Park in North Toronto.

Downsview Park is growing significantly thanks to the DAIR initiative – which Bombardier is a member of. The manufacturing giant chose to continue its investment in the Toronto Region’s rich aerospace cluster by moving about 15 kilometers West to the Pearson Economic Zone.

This expansion allows Bombardier to retain access to the Toronto Region’s highly educated talent and top-notch facilities while keeping a consistent commute for its 2,500 existing staff, many of whom live in the Greater Toronto Area.

This move also keeps Bombardier in proximity to the Toronto Region’s strong aerospace supply chain. Bombardier has 93 suppliers throughout the entire region, including 41 in Mississauga, 11 in Brampton, 17 in Halton Region, four in Durham Region, 15 in Toronto and five in York Region.

  • Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies (RTX) has been a key player in the aerospace industry in the Toronto Region. Raytheon’s presence in the Toronto Region is comprised of several facilities, including a headquarters in Vaughan, expansive Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) engineering and manufacturing facility in Mississauga, and a Collins Aerospace location in Oakville.

P&WC and Collins Aerospace are leading the global aerospace industry by manufacturing aircraft engines and developing technologies that reduce the environmental impact of aviation. Raytheon Technologies’ prominent presence in the Toronto Region has allowed the company to enhance its operations with access to the region’s thriving ecosystem, contributing to the Toronto Region’s reputation as a hub for aerospace innovation.


With the presence of global industry giants like Bombardier, P&WC and Collins Aerospace, the Toronto Region has established itself as a nucleus for cutting-edge aerospace technology and innovation.

The continuous expansion and investments made by these companies in the Toronto Region not only reflects their commitment to the region but also contributes to the growth of the regional aerospace ecosystem.

As the aerospace industry continues to evolve, the Toronto Region remains well-positioned with a highly educated aerospace workforce, making it an exciting place to watch for future developments in aerospace manufacturing. With huge companies continuously choosing to remain within Canada’s second largest aerospace manufacturing hub, the Toronto Region is soaring high in the aerospace industry. Contact us if you need any kind of information about Aerospace Manufacturing companies in Toronto.

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