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Nextdoor is Building Neighbourly Connections During COVID-19

Toronto Global client, Nextdoor, is the neighbourhood hub for trusted connections and the exchange of helpful information, goods, and services. By bringing neighbours together, we can cultivate a kinder world where everyone has a community they can rely on.

Building connections in the real world is a universal human need. That truth, and the reality that neighbourhoods are one of the most important and useful communities in our lives, has been a guiding principle for Nextdoor since the beginning. Neighbours across Canada and throughout the world are using Nextdoor to find trustworthy local services, from babysitters to plumbers to snow removal services; organize neighbourhood events; and share information on community safety.

As Mayor John Tory noted on Twitter, when COVID-19 hit Canada, Nextdoor saw a surge of kindness and a willingness to help spread through neighbourhoods across the country. As physical distancing intensifies due to COVID-19, neighbours from coast-to-coast have turned to the platform for trusted information, to build meaningful connections with those living closest to them and to lend a helping hand to those in need.

To make it easier for neighbours to connect with the most vulnerable, Nextdoor has introduced ‘Help Map’ – an interactive map of a neighbourhood where residents can identify themselves as someone who is willing and able to pitch in for neighbours who may need it. Members can add themselves to the map detailing the support they can offer, and those who need help can visit the map to see who in their immediate and nearby neighbourhoods are offering assistance.

There are countless examples of Canadians using Nextdoor as a platform to connect with their neighbours and spread kindness during this difficult period of time.

Nextdoor Canada
Nextdoor Canada Team

Asking for and receiving help has been a shining light for Nextdoor member Grace from Toronto. This meant asking for help from her neighbours while being in isolation after returning from international travel. She needed to have a package picked up from the Post Office and some ingredients from the grocery store. She put the call out for help on Nextdoor and what happened next was uplifting. “I received so many calls offering to help, from so many kind people, it was amazing,” she says. A kind neighbour, Mike from up the street, dropped off the items she needed and continues to check in.”

“I set up a group in my neighbourhood to help anyone who needs support during the coronavirus pandemic,” shared Nextdoor member David from Thornhill, in Ontario’s Beverly Glen neighbourhood. “The goal of this group is to ensure the elderly, immunocompromised and neighbours in isolation get the supplies they need so they don’t put themselves or others at risk. The group is quickly growing and neighbours are feeling the support of the community.”

While we see Canadians turn to Nextdoor to help each other every day, in the past month we’ve seen a 474% increase in neighbours reaching out to each other on the platform. This includes members:

  • Checking in regularly with elderly neighbours and those with underlying medical conditions;
  • Volunteering to pick up groceries, medications or run errands for those who are homebound, or generously sharing their own resources;
  • Supporting local businesses by ordering take-out and buying gift certificates; and
  • Giving to local organizations to ensure food banks and other non-profits can continue to serve the community

About Nextdoor

“Built on the principles of proximity and trust, Nextdoor was created to bring neighbours together – this is important in good times, but critical in times of need,” said Christopher Doyle, Head of Canada, Nextdoor. “As we isolate ourselves at home to protect our health and that of our neighbours, we need each other more than ever. Nextdoor is a critical resource to help people stay connected to those living closest to them, to help each other, get access to information from trusted local sources, to spread kindness within the community, and make positive change.”

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