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Kalamuna Brings its Transformative Tech Services to the Toronto Region

Before Kalamuna, each of its employees worked with causes that meant something to them. They worked with political campaigns and arts organizations and every other kind of endeavour that means something to people. And at some point, they decided to apply their skills in technology, communications and design to these causes—to work on something bigger together.

Kalamuna Team

The Kalamuna Team

Kalamuna partners with socially impactful institutions, associations, agencies and government to help solve today’s most pressing problems. They empower clients like Fair Trade USA, the American Foundation for the Blind, and UC Berkeley with the research, strategy, design and technology that will transform their organizations so that they can better serve the needs of their communities.

“Technology is something that we want to put at the service of a cause, it’s not the driving force behind what we’re providing,” said Andrew Mallis, CEO and Co-Founder, Kalamuna.

Andrew Mallis 2023 sq

Andrew Mallis, CEO and Co-Founder, Kalamuna

Mallis chose to move back home to Toronto after a decade living in the San Francisco Bay Area for a mix of personal and professional reasons. The ability to conduct business here in the Toronto Region was impactful in the decision, along with the relative costs of living and doing business in Toronto versus San Francisco. The expansion to the Toronto Region presented an interesting opportunity to create social change and the great acceleration in technology innovation in the region was an additional draw for investment.

After being introduced through mutual contacts at Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), Toronto Global set up a full program of meetings for Kalamuna in Toronto and facilitated connections to the necessary legal, financial accounting and banking services in the Toronto Region, as well as provided information on office spaces, conferences, and events to attend for further business development. 

“It’s nice to come back here and work with Toronto Global to see the intersection of different levels of government help lift up business. It’s not the kind of organization that would really exist and flourish state-side,” said Mallis.

About Kalamuna

Coming to Canada, Kalamuna is poised to invest more in research and development to create a space of incubation and idea generation that will help to address societal problems in a more proactive way. Kalamuna is already working with clients in Canada such as Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights and the Centre for Social Innovation. With a goal to build out, ‘Kalamuna Labs’ in the future, centred in Toronto, the company is looking to forge partnerships with governments, non-profits and academia to build collaborative models. To realize this goal, Kalamuna’s growth and expansion in the Toronto Region has just begun and the company continues to hire to meet the demand.

“We’re answering the call and the challenge that’s posed to us by our clients. We want to get ahead of the curve or, better yet, build the curve.”

Click here to learn more about Kalamuna’s pledge to stand against injustice and inequality and what the company is doing to support the movement. 

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